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400x500 Bigger Size Self-Tensioning Screenprinting Frame Now Available with Free Mesh and Squeegee

Whether it is a do-it-yourself printing service to produce t-shirts for a group of young people doing a walkathon, or a large order of clothes for retail outlets, screen printing is one the most sought-after printing methods utilized when designing apparel. Screen printing is a procedure that includes involves thrusting ink through a mesh stencil screen.

Whether you realise or not there is a chance that some of the clothes in your wardrobe have been designed using the screen-printing.

Screen printing is a very economical way of printing on apparel. As soon as the screen has been assembled mass production printing becomes very affordable and so is the maintenance of the equipment since screens can be preserved for use soon.

Screen printing ink lasts for a very long time. It creates a permanent application. The colours used are bold, bright, and everlasting.

In great detail, this procedure involves of transmission of a stencil creation on the top of a surface making use of a mesh stencil screen, ink, and a squeegee. The fundamental procedure of silkscreen printing entails involves making a stencil on the screen, after that thrusting ink through the screen to make the design on the top of the clothing item.

You can do screen printing on textile and vinyl paper as well as plastic, wood and aluminium. This method is well liked because of the assortment of colours that can be imprinted on your material.

Screen printing can be either be carried out manually or automatically with the same fundamental procedure applied. The only thing that would differ is the kind of ink used as well as the print material.

Today’s video focuses on single screen-printing frames and accessories from AM.CO.ZA that are great for start-up companies that will be embarking on low volume projects.

Products featured in this video are as follows:
1) Self-Tensioning Screen Aluminium (300x400), MeshMaster SP-Tension 30/40. Includes all accessories.
2) Self-Tensioning Screen Aluminium (400x500) MeshMaster SP-Tension 40/50. Includes all accessories.

The Package includes:
• Squeegee
• Rubber (8 Pieces)
• Manual guide
• A Screen
• A packet of tools

Log onto to buy the self-tensioning screen aluminium frame online, key in ( Prices are subject to change.

Call sales on 060 600 6000 or visit our warehouse in Jet Park and Montague Gardens.

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