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How to Use Rotary Attachment on TruCUT 6040 Laser with RDWorks Control System, and Size Calculation

The most intriguing thing about custom-made gifts is that they do not only improve and strengthen the relationship that you have with the receiver, however, they can also serve as the best advertising tool. A business can gift repeat clients with customized gifts like shot glasses or champagne glasses. These items are usually engraved on using a laser engraving machine.

Laser engraving a circular item can only be a possibility when using a laser rotary attachment. When you decide to engrave circular items, objects, put in a rotary attachment in your laser engraving machine. A traction rotary attachment is a customized laser engraving add-on. It is built to be inserted straight into your laser engraver for the engraving of round or cylindrical products such as cups, glasses and champagne glasses.

What a CO2 laser engraving machine does is emit a beam of light onto the surface of a flat substrate. The problem arises when it has to engrave letters or an illustration on the top layer of circular items. This usually turns out to be quite a disaster as the engravings come out disfigured. The great news is that a laser engraving machine paired with a rotary attachment masters this by revolving the circular object when the laser beam is emitted.

The process of rotary engraving is hardly a tedious and strenuous one. It is no different to engraving levelled items, just with a few steps and variables added.

In today’s vlog to get you will learn how to use rotary attachment from Advanced Machinery in a few steps. This will have you ready to make your own customized laser-engraved workpieces with the rotary attachment on your TruCUT laser engraving machine.

AM.CO.ZA’s Rotary Attachment:
• Is very affordable.
• It is easy to operate.
• It has a clamp that clasps circular items in place.
• It creates a tight clasp on the item as it rotates making sure that the beam of light engraves it line by line.
• You can now engrave cups, drinking glasses, circular bottles and champagne flutes accurately and effortlessly.

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