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Vinyl Cutter Box Content, Unbox and Assemble V-Series Vinyl Cutter Stands Step by Step Guide

Imagine a vinyl cutter as an electronically run scissor that is built similarly to a printer with the brain of a computer. Contrary to printing illustrations, a vinyl cutter cuts out alphabetical characters and shapes from vinyl sheets or alternative material.

Vinyl cutting machines can make the production of your artwork a walk in the park. The results are always outstanding. This machine is guaranteed to give your product a professional looking touch! These machines are easy to operate, even for a person that has never used a vinyl cutter machine in their lives.

A vinyl cutter functions more like a printing machine. It receives a sign from the PC which gives it a command to automatically cut making use of blades. Start off by uploading your design and then alter your settings accordingly. When you are done doing that put a vinyl sheet into the cutting machine and then push the start button.

Vinyl cutting is a present-day art technique in which an automated design is produced or downloaded. It is then conveyed to the vinyl cutter, where your design will be cut from your vinyl with a pointy cutting blade.

These machines are exceptionally , priceless machines specially built to produce personalized stickers, labels, signage, etc. They can cut on substrates like vinyl, sanitary paper, textile, fabric and so on, creating countless opportunities for projects.

In today’s vlog we focus on the latest V-Series Vinyl Cutter and assembling parts that Advanced Machinery has recently brought to its shelves. You will also learn how to assemble the machine, step by step.

The V-Series Vinyl Cutter from Advanced Machinery:
• Is easy to operate.
• It has multiple use; it cuts material and also serves as a plotter.
• It cuts accurately and intricately.
• Its high cutting speed is what enables it to produce intricate designs.
• It is perfect for mass production orders.
• It delivers better than expected results for the price that it currently retails for.

To get your hands on one, log onto and enter ( to buy this vinyl cutter online. Prices are subject to change.

To find out more about this machine call the sales team on 060 600 6000 or you can come through to our warehouse in Johannesburg or Cape Town.

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