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New LabelMark Fiber Laser Marking Machine Got New Design, Improved Performance and Easy Focus

The use of laser marking machinery has grown tremendously in the last few years, because of its “superpowers’’ when it comes to engraving. Using this machine comes with plenty of benefits including its ability to mark on various materials that makes it exceedingly flexible so that it can be used by commercial and industrial industries.

At the moment, as one of the most leading and modern laser marking machine in the world currently, fiber laser engravers offer some of the following advantages:


Letters or images engraved with a fiber laser marking machine are usually easy to read and clear to see and are sure to last for a very long time.

High Quality Laser Beam

The laser from the fiber laser marking machine delivers high quality, intricate engravings.

Compact and Convenient

The fiber laser marking machine is portable, lightweight, consumes less energy and it uses a small water-cooling system.

Quick Speed

These machines engrave or mark quicker than most conventional engraving machines.

No Need for Maintenance

This machine uses a non-contact process to engrave and doesn’t use any consumables. Therefore, it does not require to be maintained.

In today’s vlog we take a look at AM’s newly upgraded LabelMark Fibre Laser marking machine that has a fresh design and comes with a few new features.

This machine now works well with Windows 10. The new LabelMark Fibre Laser marking machine has taken the art of engraving onto a different level as it engraves effortlessly on metal at high speeds.

This machine delivers uncomplicated engraving as it engraves without emitting any smoke or noise. The is no need for a water-cooling system when using this laser marker.

Anyone that is looking to personalize various materials or whomever is planning on labelling their items should buy the LabelMark Fibre Laser marking machine from Advanced Machinery that comes with free software.

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