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Function Compare of RustOff 50W Pulse Laser with 1000W Continuous Wave Laser on Steel Cleaning.mp4

While a lot of clients invest in laser systems as a solution their engraving or marking demands, the rest embrace their ability to effectively and securely clean surfaces.

Laser cleaning signifies clearing away pollutants and contamination from the surface of metals objects. The laser gets rid of the surface level of the material making use of laser light. Dynamic laser pulse is directed at the surface that will be cleaned and the substrate that will be removed is melted away. This is done repeatedly until the desired clean depth has been fulfilled.

There are different techniques used for surface cleaning in a lot of industries both nationally and internationally, but nothing comes close to laser cleaning that offers various benefits over conventional methods.

This method does not require any detergents, cleaners or dissolving agent and handling and disposing of coarse material. When compared with other techniques that use physical processes, the laser cleaning method is manageable and can be applied only to certain areas of an object. It can be easily used to enhance productiveness.

In today’s vlog we have a look at the two differently-sized fibre laser cleaning machines from Advanced Machinery and compare their different functions so that you have a better understanding of how both machines work.

AM.CO.ZA RustOff Fiber Laser Hand-held Cleaning System:

• Is appropriate, flexible, and easy to use and manage.

• Has an extensive application and the best cleaning outcome.

• Effectively cleans various metals.

• Does contactless processing, therefore, does not damage the item being cleaned. It has no tool wear and delivers high-quality cleaning.

• Has the best laser directionality and has the ability to correctly detect the area of the item that needs to be cleaned.

• Our 50W RustOff handheld laser cleaning series equipment is not only portable, but it is also easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Log onto to buy the fiber laser cleaning machine online. Prices are subject to change.

To speak to the sales team, dial 060 600 6000.

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