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New Fiber Laser Ceramic Marking Paper, Permanent Logo for Dinnerware, Sanitaryware Becomes Possible

Ceramic marking is an art achieved to excellence by Advanced Machinery’s laser marking technology. Using ceramic marking paper together with a fibre laser marking machine allows operators to permanently engrave artwork on ceramic ware in various colours. This technology allows you create customized branding on plain ceramic ware such as dinnerware, or sanitary ware, or floor tiles, etc.

The laser high accuracy of the fiber laser marking machine enables you to obtain clear and stylish designs and wording on ceramic ware . Moreover, the responsiveness of the laser processing retains the integrity of the material thus putting a stop to impairments and breakage. This results in improved results in terms of quality and adaptability. All thanks to the laser, even intricate designs can be engraved on tiles and ceramics therefore delivering a remarkable level of personalization. Furthermore, it is an environmentally friendly technology that works on both ceramic and porcelain, and objects with or without glaze.

AM.CO.ZA’ s Ceramic Marking Paper and LabelMark Fiber Laser Marking Labelling Machine
• Helps you engrave brand names, logos, graphics, etc on ceramic products such as ceramic plates, ceramic cups, stone and glass.
• The laser creates a permanent chemical bond with the ceramic surfaces, to produce extremely high-quality marks.
• No damage is caused to the ceramic surface being marked.
• All shapes and sizes of ceramic products or materials are marked.
• The engraving on these products is permanent and lasting.

To buy both the ceramic marking paper and fiber laser marking machine online log onto and type in ( for the paper and ( for the machine. Prices are subject to change.

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