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Permanent Ceramic Colour Marking by Fiber Laser Markeing Paper for Dinnerware, Sanitaryware.mp4

Laser technology creates a quick, convenient, and productive use, for marking on ceramic ware and other types of surfaces including metal, plastic, glass, wood, paper, cardboard, etc. A laser machine has the ability to engrave decorations, designs, images and 2D codes on ceramic products that are long-lasting.

The application of fiber laser marking machine on ceramic colour paper has encouraged the development of ceramic technology and serves a solution for ceramic letters marking and design engraving. Conventional manual engraving is slowly getting replaced by fiber laser marking because of its complex operation, low productivity, and difficulty in volume production.

The fiber laser marking machine is built with premium carbon dioxide lasers, that can engrave characters, patterns, logos, and other information on ceramic. Its computerized system makes sure that there is uniformity in mass engraving ceramic and improvement in the final outcome of the ceramic product that is being engraved.

This machine engraves elegant lines on the ceramics, making the ceramic products very beautiful and pleasing to look at. The laser processing speed and high precision of this machine has been discovered by customers. This machine has a whole lot to offer including high efficiency, uncomplicated maintenance, durability, etc.

How to prepare your ceramic paper for engraving:
• Cut paper size required,
• Soak it in a glass or bowl of water for a few minutes,
• Remove the colour card from the water,
• Apply it onto the ceramic and dry it with a hot blow dryer.

AM.CO.ZA’ s Ceramic Marking Paper and LabelMark Fiber Laser Marking Labelling Machine
• Enables engraving of brand names, logos, graphics, etc on ceramic products such as ceramic plates, ceramic cups, stone and glass.
• The laser provides a long-lasting chemical bond with the ceramic surfaces, to create the finest marks.
• The surface of the ceramic being marked never gets damaged.
• Ceramic products or materials of all shapes and sizes are marked.
• The engravings on these ceramic items are permanent and long-lasting.

Today’s vlog details the process that goes into engraving on a ceramic cup using the ceramic marking paper and LabelMark fiber laser marking machine from Advanced Machinery.

If you would like more information about our devices for marking on ceramic, please contact us on 060 600 6000.

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